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Disgusting Things That Might Be In Your Drinking Water →




It’s hard to pick the worst thing to find in your tap water from this list of disgusting things — they’re all so bad! Yet all of them are potential contaminants, which have turned up in drinking water supplies from time to time — some more regularly than others…

Take Arsenic for example. Who wants to drink rat poison!? Yet it’s possible for this dangerous substance to pollute drinking water supplies in these ways:

  • Mining runoff
  • Runoff from orchards
  • Erosion of natural deposits
  • Runoff from glass and electronics production

Possible health effects from excessive long-term exposure include skin damage, circulatory system problems, and greater risk of cancer. Yikes!

If scary-sounding Arsenic can make its way into our drinking water, what other nasty things do we need to worry about? Keep reading to find out!

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